Born of this world, our parents and the home we grew up in were our first teachers.  We owe our family a debt for giving us the body and for helping us to grow into adults.  Yet, no family is perfect.  The interpersonal dynamics between parents […]
5 keys to being a Great Yoga Teacher “What are the crucial skills that one should possess in order to lead others on the path of yoga?”   I’ve been asked this question over and over, on my journey as an educator of yoga teachers. There […]
Intense training sessions often result in sore muscles. Affected areas can feel rigid and painful. An integral part of any intelligently designed training program will factor in some protocols for the fastest recovery, so that a new training stimulus can be introduced.  Training programs follow the […]
As the #40DaysOfStrength Challenge comes to a close, it’s important to reflect on the journey we’ve been on together. It’s now time to chart a course for moving forward in a resourceful and empowered manner. There are a handful of things that should be considered as […]
If you’re not already practicing meditation, I highly recommend learning how to sit. It takes persistence and consistency in practice to develop the habit of daily meditation. Once established, the practice bears fruit in the form of deep focus, increased productivity, and peace of mind.  Here […]
We’re half way through January with the gyms packed and people eating healthier than ever before. But we’re only two weeks into January and many people will drop their New Year’s  Here are some of my time-tested tips for a fantastic approach to nailing your 2019 […]
Gratitude, or reflecting on things we are thankful for, can greatly improve well being and life satisfaction.  People who practice gratitude are more likely to sleep better, be kinder, experience more positive emotions, and have better immune systems.  This holiday season I look back at my […]
Our cities are densely populated, draw ambitious people, and are characterized by intense competition.  Deadlines, long hours at work, and powerful computers that fit in the palm of our hands are beginning to boggle our minds.  It’s become the norm to look ahead and worry about […]
During the 2000 and 2001 MLB seasons I worked with the New York Yankees as a Massage Therapist and Assistant Trainer. I traveled with the team full-time and was part of the 2000 championship team, earning a World Series Ring for my contribution to our big […]
New Yorkers share tight small spaces, like subway cars, city buses, yoga classes, and office space.  When winter arrives, germs spread quickly across the city.  I’ve grown to love living in an area with such a sharp change of seasons, where I can appreciate different types […]
The dog days of winter can bring a sense of lethargy and heaviness to the body. Cold weather often tightens the hips and shoulders, tempting us to skip practices.  After 18 years on the path, I’ll share the ins and outs of maintaining consistency and making […]
This Valentines day, practicing a few partner yoga postures with another is a great way to deepen your connection and appreciation for one another. You can try a couple of these postures with a friend or loved one!
  This is the “age of attention” where we must become mindful of our experiences 24/7. It is imperative to be present in every moment. Then we can decide what lessons have been learned, and shore up with new skills that will help us be better members of the global society.  We must aim for personal excellence.
New Yorkers are surrounded a conveyor belt food culture.  I can easily walk into any deli, and choose from hundreds of foods in a minute, that my ancestors    never had access to. Most of it is toxic for our organs.