The Jai Sugrim Method teaches the individual how to become their own point of origin as they look out onto the world. The classical limbs of yoga form part of a multi-disciplinary approach to experiencing a fulfilling life. A structured practice is taught for exploring the deepest reality within ourselves.  Body by design, EquanimityBioenergetics, and Community are the four pillars that comprise a practical experience that is grounded in the mind-body system.

Body by design reflects achieving optimal health as the foundation for all other practices. The practitioner sculpts the physical body and adjusts their physiology to match their interests and genetic potential. Interested in long distance running? Then undergo the requisite training that builds a lean lanky frame while developing high blood volume. Have a penchant for martial arts? Become quick, strong and agile, while harnessing a deep knowledge of human biomechanics. Sixty-five years old and newly retired, without a fitness base? Begin yoga and weight training for long term bone health, postural awareness, and increased range of motion.

Body by design involves balancing, strength, endurance, and flexibility in the appropriate proportions relative to each individual’s body type, age, and current level of activity.  Intelligent program design is the key to matching one’s fitness goals to specific training modalities. Yoga, strength training, muscular endurance training, martial arts and primal movement patterns are part of every program. By training the body, which is constantly interacting with mind, mental firmness develops. Making the body healthy and exerting our will over physical matter (one’s own form), frees consciousness from the distractions of illness, lethargy, and weakness.

Equanimity and mental discipline are trained by practicing daily meditation.  The mindfulness toolbox provides a lens through which one can reflect on childhood traumas, addictions, self-sabotage, and limiting beliefs. Neuro linguistic programming and hypnosis are used to change the meaning of our personal stories, deep within the subconscious mind, to transform fear and doubt from the past into empowered present moment living. People open their minds to seeing possibilities, where perceived problems are re-framed as opportunities.

Bioenergetics studies energy relationships, energy transformation and transduction within our bodies.  Personalized nutrition and proper breathing are explored to efficiently fuel the body throughout the entire day with respect to one’s ancestry and the earth’s need for creating ecological balance.  An understanding of conscious nutrition is combined with breathing practices that yield maximal, sustainable energy for mental concentration and physical performance. By eating properly and with awareness of the breath, we become “masters of states.”

Community is at the heart of the practice. Humans are social animals who evolved throughout history to work together in groups.  We now live in “the cult of the individual” where the blinding pace of life, the pursuit of solitary pleasures, and demanding careers have created a tremendous level of isolation. The Jai Sugrim Method brings people together in the spirit of health, mental clarity, and service to the community. Local tribalism and global cooperation merge in the flames of daily practice and shared values.  

The ultimate aim of The Jai Sugrim Method is to experience the oneness of being. Through continuous effort, the practitioner experiences the interconnectedness of all beings as the expression of one eternal consciousness. When the veil of separation is lifted, we more readily collaborate in creating a peaceful, healthy and harmonious planet.