Online Coaching

I can guide you to improving your physical well being, sports conditioning, yoga practice, meditation technique, and mental skills training. These are personal, 1:1 sessions done online via Skype or Google Hangouts. Drop me a note to learn more and we can connect for a free consultation.

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Health & Fitness

-Weight Loss

-Nutrition advice & structured eating plans that match your constitution, aimed at specific goals

-Improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance


-I can help you design a sport specific training program for optimal conditioning

-learn how to maximize performance and taper properly for your “peak” performance period of the year.

-train the nervous system and movements that enhance your sport performance

-Re-framing injuries, and facing the rehab process mindfully

-Reduce performance anxiety, and increase focus under pressure


-Where and how to begin the practice

-Learn Mindfulness practice, and how to share it with your community

-Helping teachers with sequencing and class structure

-Learn breathing techniques for optimal health and stress management


-Learn how to meditate

-Master physiological exercises to “get in state” for specific meetings

-Techniques for focusing as public performers, public speakers

Men’s Health

-Build a lifestyle that naturally maintains high levels of testosterone

-How to navigate the sexual marketplace responsibly and intelligently

-Dating after divorce, reconnecting to your “mojo”

-prostate health

-blood tests, how to find the right ones, and interpreting your data

-Aging gracefully & how to train for each new decade of life

-Posture for effective communication

-Mastery of polarity, and living in the masculine energetic

How Coaching Works

In our initial assessment we establish a super clear outcome, defining several markers of success, as points to be met on the way to your goal.  Everything we do is tailored to your needs and constitution. It’s important to come into agreement on the most efficient plan to help your reach your objectives. Clients will have access to my personal email and phone number, and our sessions are done over Skype, or in person if it’s geographically convenient.

The path to transformation begins by taking that first step…