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Unlock your potential through the power of learning and deep inner work.

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Unlock your potential through the power of learning and deep inner work.

Weave Spirituality Into Your Daily Life

The Jai Sugrim Yoga Method is about unlocking our potential through the power of consistent practice, learning and inner work. All practices and teachings aim to achieve a sense of being grounded in the eternal now, the present moment. From that awareness, practitioners learn how to trigger “flow” – an optimal state of consciousness where time dilates, ego falls away, and we feel and perform our best.

By teaching concentration and focus, the method facilitates a direct experience of pure consciousness and embodiment of our true nature.

Practitioners who experience the truth within themselves come to see that all beings are connected by spirit, and that we are here to help one another. This powerful insight positively influences all of our relationships and the world around us. The method brings individuals into harmony with their inner and outer lives.

The Jai Sugrim Yoga Method is founded on four pillars:


The practice of creating deep concentration, is used for cultivating equanimity, an evenness of mind that helps us face the ups and downs of life gracefully.


The practice of reconnecting to the natural world, is explored in an experiential manner to tap into the ordinarily hidden parts of ourselves. We can extract useful information from these realms for integrating all the different aspects of our being.

Strength training

The practice of creating stability, cultivates a healthy tension within the body that anchors our mind in the present moment and builds mental fortitude.


The practice of connecting with integrity, is developed for the expansion of positive values. By shifting our focus from competition to cooperation, we do our part to inspire a peaceful, healthy planet that can be shared by all.

The Jai Sugrim Yoga Method utilizes a systematic, four step approach to explore the four pillars and the Self:

Applied Science – The basic sciences are the user manual for the human body. Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and digestion allows individuals to plumb the depths of their physical being. Achieving optimal health frees the mind for spiritual pursuits. Looking within the framework of the body is a natural starting point on the path to freedom.

Structured Experiments – Intelligent, personalized program design and implementation are the keys to establishing one’s practice. After a thorough assessment, student and teacher agree upon which modalities to explore in a methodical manner, cultivating training protocols/practice regimens for specific durations of time.

Daily Practice – We discipline the mind, build consistency and in time, overcome our lower drives through a daily practice. We forge a new, stronger definition of ourselves when we make an emotional commitment to personal growth, self-awareness, and the training program that we have chosen to explore.

Listening for Feedback – When we engage in practices with total awareness we can sift through and strain out what is useful and applicable to us long-term, allowing us to continually tailor our practice to fit our ever-changing life circumstances. Maintaining flexibility within structure encourages us to be open to constant refinement thus deepening our capacity for self-exploration.

We train to have power over ourselves and to master our own mind. The Jai Sugrim Yoga Method connects the individual with their inner strength, allowing them to ultimately become their own teacher.