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When we commit to the practice of yoga, it can become very time-consuming.  As our consciousness rises, we find that the practice continues off of the mat, into our overall lifestyle. It often influences the way we choose to eat, the movies we watch, and the […]
I remember as a kid, how all of the sci-fi movies were set in 2020.  Films like blade runner, placed us in a hyperreality of touch screens, self driving cars, radical biotechnology, virtual reality, augmented reality, and an evolved artificial intelligence. Well welcome to tomorrow, we […]
Born of this world, our parents and the home we grew up in were our first teachers.  We owe our family debt for giving us the body and for helping us to grow into adults.  Yet, no family is perfect.  The interpersonal dynamics between parents and […]
5 keys to being a Great Yoga Teacher “What are the crucial skills that one should possess in order to lead others on the path of yoga?”   I’ve been asked this question over and over, on my journey as an educator of yoga teachers. There […]
Intense training sessions often result in sore muscles. Affected areas can feel rigid and painful. An integral part of any intelligently designed training program will factor in some protocols for the fastest recovery, so that a new training stimulus can be introduced.  Training programs follow the […]
As the #40DaysOfStrength Challenge comes to a close, it’s important to reflect on the journey we’ve been on together. It’s now time to chart a course for moving forward in a resourceful and empowered manner. There are a handful of things that should be considered as […]