As the New Year and our new decade is in motion, I’d like to share my resolutions with our extended community. It’s my hope that we can always, even in the smallest way, inspire one another to make empowering life choices.  Following through on my resolutions is usually a private process, between me and the Universe, but this year I am comfortable opening up my journal, so you guys can peer into my head a little deeper.  Each year, I keep my list of goals and resolutions short, so as to focus on achieving what I set out to do. Here are my intentions for this year:

Deepen my concentration through mantra practice

I want to be in the state of love, as much as possible. when I have the thought “Om Namah Shivaya” I drop into a deep state of love, when I approach people that mean a lot to me. “Om Namah Shivaya” trains my mind to think “I am universal consciousness.” I am love itself, and all other beings are only aspects of myself, we are one. I’m in a position of positive leadership, and the more pure love I feel and experience, the better it is for the global community I guide. So by being in love for 2020 I am committing to truly loving myself first, accepting all the parts of myself without judgment, and sharing the eternal teaching that we are all One, from a place of deep purity. By being in love, I can take action without attachment and reduce my desire for personal gain. Love helps me to be more selfless. Being in love makes it easy for me to be a channel, that allows my students to tune their frequency to that of love, and this love connects all of the dots, so we feel union and peace of mind. I set my mind in the morning by connecting to the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” first thing, upon rising, with the hopes of retaining that thought throughout the busy day.

Learn Everyone’s Names

Over the years I’ve made so many excuses over why I have not learned all the names of my students. Quite frankly I’m a bit embarrassed about this.  I see my friend Rima, who teaches to 75 students every time, calling out the student’s names during practice when she offers verbal assists.  This makes the practice room warmer, and makes students feel at home in a shared space. I’ve made excuses like: there are too many people in this room, oh I know their faces and that’s fine, and I wish students would write their names on their mats. Now I’m gonna try all the tricks there are to remembering names! I want my students to have a more personal connection to the practice we are exploring together. This one’s on me.  I want to do my job a little better, so I’m consciously trying my best. I hope to rise to the challenge, and make a more personal connection, through love and devotion to yoga, especially with my new students.

Make More Money

In 2020 I want to set a personal record in income.  I am in the process of “productizing myself” so that more passive income begins to flow. Aside from seeing my private clients, this involves a lot of writing, and recording in studio. I have surpassed the requisite training that denotes mastery of form, and I’m at the life stage of innovating my art so that the timeless practices are relatable and applicable to a new generation of students. I value financial stability and freedom, and believe I deserve to live very well, and meet all of my needs with ease. I’ve asked the universe to reward my life long focus on attaining knowledge.  This is my time. I feel aligned to reap the rewards of a lifetime of diligent study.

Achieve Optimal Fitness

2019 was the year I bounced back from illness. In 2015, I took a powerful medication called Pentostam to heal from a life threating illness called Leishmaniasis, caused by an Amazonian parasite. The medicine saved my life, but hurt my liver and the mitochondrial density of my cells. I was weak and not fully myself for a solid four years. During the second half of last year, I started to be able to train hard again. Now I  feel free, and I am curious about how fit I can be. I’ve integrated running and strength training with my regular yoga practice and the results have been lights out. I’ve put myself in the lab again, just like I have been doing since age 13, to explore my edges. I am beyond grateful to the Universe for another chance to go hard and strong in the fitness department. Let’s see what happens.

Fill my Teacher Training

Teaching is the thing I am most passionate about.  After twenty six years as a pro, my work is now turning towards educating the next generation of teachers.  I have systematized my knowledge of yoga, meditation, fitness, massage therapy, shamanism and social dynamics into relatable teachings that can be absorbed and utilized by those interested in leadership. By focusing my energy as an educator, I open the minds and hearts of those that will do good work far into the future when I am gone. My teacher training will make great communicators. I have always led by example and teach my apprentices to develop their personal practice to a deeply internal, very subtle level, so that they do not need to use persuasion. Instead they teach through vibration. Their entire practice is sent in the sound of their voice when they give a teaching. Their presence and posture earns the trust of students.  This summer in NYC, I will train twenty five new yoga teachers who are on the path to self mastery.

My list is short, clear, and to the point. I feel so aligned that I have a wire to the above. My motto for the year is “Simplicity is Purity”. The more I refine my life, the simpler it becomes. I hope to manifest what I have written down!

Jai Sugrim Method is offering a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in June of 2020 in New York City. The course is spread out over 10 weekends, and is a Yoga Alliance Certified Curriculum.

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