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The new year is in motion and I’m determined to learn from the mistakes of 2021. This episode of the podcast explores ways that we can exercise our attention, time, and energy on the variables of our life that are within our control, while moving away from grand, distracting gestures that lower our vibration.

This first episode of 2022 comes from the deepest parts of myself and my life experience right to your heart. It is a  small positive offering from my end, to your heart and mind. May it bring one or two positive suggestions into your life that can be applied to the way you face this challenging year that we must all endure, gracefully.

Time stamps:

18:31 – Why are we exploring Personal Power

21:31 – Signs that you’re in your Personal Power

24:38 Signs that you’re NOT in your Personal Power

6 Practices for developing and wielding your Personal Power

Please share this episode with anyone who is struggling right now, or experiencing sadness, depression, and feeling isolated.

Our true power is within – and we must excavate gems from our inner world as we fortify our spine with a personal daily practice.

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