On Episode 14 of the podcast I spoke with Professional Yoga Photographer & Teacher Pashupa Derek Goodwin about his 25 year vegan practice! I learned how Pashupa got into veganism & how he learned over time, minimize his intake of sugar. Pashupa also explains how  began to balance his diet to attain all of the nutrients from his food for optimal health. 

 Pashupa and I also engage deeply on the spiritual and perceptual benefits of veganism, like the experience of feeling universal compassion for all living beings. 

Pashupa is also the host of the Warrior One Podcast, go check it out! 

Pashupas website, Yoga Teaching and Photography:

Pashupa and I will be collaborating on an Yoga & Photography Workshop this Saturday August 14th From 12pm-2:30pm in Central Park, NYC.  In “The Asana Laboratory” We will practice Vinyasa for an hour, then work on our form on the primary yoga asanas.  We meet at 12pm at the Belvedere Castle in Central Park (79th St. Transverse) Just bring your mat and a cheerful attitude. 



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