I had a 7 year run with the vegan diet  from the beginning of 2009 to  the spring of 2016. This episode of the podcast is not intended to bash or encourage a vegan lifestyle, and will instead illustrate a few key points about this very personal choice. 

On this show I talk about five aspects of  my vegan journey.:

1. I share my psychology as a vegan, and why I initiated the practice

2. I  share the gains I made as a vegan, 

3. I expose the limitations of a vegan diet. 

4. I share Why I returned to being a healthy omnivore 

 5.  I share What I typically eat like now, in 2021 and why it works for this current stage of my life 

 Despite parting ways with veganism, I have no regrets about my time as a vegan. Looking back, these were some of the most interesting & fun years of my life. 


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