Get to Know Jai

Hello Everyone, I’m Jai

I host a podcast called The Jai Sugrim Method, teach five live yoga classes per week, and coach people who want to weave spirituality into their daily lives.

I create a sequence of physical and mental exercises for my clients, which organize into a daily practice. My students train to build strength, experience love and attain mental wellness. Consistent spiritual practice is our insurance plan for life’s inevitable ups and downs. With training, we can make the mind a friend. When we attain concentration, our thoughts can be channeled in a positive direction. This yields great gains in our energy level, improves our interpersonal relationships, and can provide a profound sense of peace within.

True power comes from accessing the spirit. It is spirit that causes us to experience lasting joy. Our spirit is infinite, undying, limitless, and the source of endless creativity. When we come to know our spirit, we release the fear of death, and attain freedom, while alive.

I can help you to align body, mind and spirit on your quest for meaning. Step one is to become as healthy as possible. The foundational practices I share with students help to strengthen the prefrontal cortex, one of the primary structures of our brain. This area helps with impulse control, good decision-making, and sticking to our word. When we down-regulate our lower drives, addictions, and bad habits, while strengthening our resolve towards healthy choices, our mind begins to slow down. 

The practice of meditation is then introduced, to slow the mind down so much that it resolves back to its source. It is here that the practitioner comes home, to a direct experience of spirit. When Identified with great spirit, one attains clarity, true love and self-awareness.

At 46, I think a lot about adding value to the world by sharing what I’ve learned from a life devoted to exciting experiments, inspiring teachers, disciplined practices, international travel, silent retreats, and coaching the best of the best across multiple fields. I’ve taken risks and challenged myself in different ways during each decade of my life. I have a bag full of fun tales I want to tell.

Over the years I’ve worked as Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Men’s Health Coach, Meditation Teacher, and now, Ultimately, as a Guide. My hands have touched well over 20,000 different human bodies, therapeutically, in yoga assists, massage therapy, and energy balancing sessions. I have learned that our brain knows how to heal itself. The greatest adjustment is to turn our energy inwards so that the mind can become reflective. Then, looking in the mirror with our eyes closed, we will see our true reflection.

My career highlights so far include winning a World Series Ring with the Championship 2000 New York Yankees, when we beat the Mets in the Subway Series. I was the massage therapist for the team. I also made a 65 Episode television show called “Yoga Sutra Now” in 2012, which aired in 96 million American homes and in 20 countries. But one of my favorite experiences was teaching yoga to high school students in Harlem at Frederick Douglas Academy from 2014-2016. I was honored to see the practice immediately changes the lives and timelines of the children who took to it with a cheerful attitude.

There have been many teachers. One of the most profound is a plant, that grows deep in the jungles of Peru. The spirit of the plant is sealed in my body and is now a part of my makeup. It is one of my guides.

I’m most curious about how we will merge with our technology. My ancestors gave the world the Vedas, the Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, and the Yoga Sutras, which shared the technology of consciousness via practices. Modern science has given us Space Travel, The iPhone, gene sequencing, microchips that connect to our neurons, and Artificial Intelligence. It’s exciting to wonder how our lives and society will transform with tech over the next 50 years. How many diseases will we cure? How will we help our environment to heal? How will the internet evolve?

My passion lies in creating coherence among varied peoples. When I get hundreds of people to breathe in the same rhythm, we literally transcend geography, time and space, to merge as one. It is to this end that I continue to train my body and mind, to further refine my awareness. I wish to be an instrument of positive change in the lives of as many people as possible.

Thank You for joining me