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Welcome to the podcast folks! The new year is in motion and I’m determined to learn from the mistakes of […]
Hi, Folks! Welcome to the podcast! On this episode, I share the personal story of my evolving relationship with Cannabis, […]
On this episode of the podcast, I have an engaging conversation with Dr. Miles Neale. Dr. Miles Neale, PsyD, is […]
Hello Everyone, Today’s Episode of the podcast is a resource to all that wish for more authenticity. You can skip […]
Welcome to the podcast Guys and Gals! This episode is all about how to get in shape during a pandemic […]
mentoring the next generation - dr. norris dorsey
On this episode of the podcast I speak with Dr. Norris Dorsey, a warm and genuine man who is an […]
On Episode 14 of the podcast I spoke with Professional Yoga Photographer & Teacher Pashupa Derek Goodwin about his 25 […]
Hello Everyone, Welcome to the podcast! I enjoyed this conversation with Bria Tavakoli about the path of maturity from a […]
On this episode of the podcast I speak with Chiyoko Osborne, about the “Akashic Records”, a field of information that […]
Neuroscience and Yoga with Jonathan Rosenthal
Hello Everyone, welcome to the podcast! On this episode I speak with Jonathan Rosenthal, M.D. to learn more about how […]