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Welcome to the podcast everyone! Today's show offers a guided meditation practice that focuses on Gratitude. The Meditation practice begins […]
Hello Everyone, Welcome to the podcast. Episode 39 is all about the destabilizing effect that committing to a long term […]
Welcome to the podcast everyone! Have you ever wondered about reincarnation, your coming death, or the meaning of life? Have […]
On Episode 37 of the podcast I recommend three forms of exercise that should be incorporated into an overall training […]
Welcome to the show everyone,  On episode 36 I share my experience of one of the cornerstones of yoga philosophy […]
Hello Friends, On Episode 35 of the podcast, I speak with one of the great yoga teachers of our time, […]
Welcome to the show folks!!! Episode 34 is a play by play, multi-day recording of my 72 hour water fast. […]
Hey Guys and Gals welcome to the podcast!  This episode is a personal share, as I “wonder out loud” about […]
Welcome to the podcast, everyone, Today’s show is a guided practice called “The 100 Push-Up Meditation  Challenge”. We do 100 […]
Welcome to the podcast, everyone. On Episode 31, I describe the basics of yoga philosophy in 3 basic chunks, and […]