11 Ways to Boost Your Immunity During Winter

New Yorkers share tight small spaces, like subway cars, city buses, yoga classes, and office space.  When winter arrives, germs spread quickly across the city.  I’ve grown to love living in an area with such a sharp change of seasons, where I can appreciate different types of atmosphere. Of the four seasons, winter is most challenging for my equatorial genes, so I always mount a game plan.  A few lifestyle choices and dietary adaptations go a long way. Here are some things to consider when you’re staring down cold and flu season.
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Sharing the Love on Valentine’s Day

Like the “runner’s high” yoga practice can connect us to “the bliss of the self.” It doesn’t happen every day, but when our concentration is good, and even breathing converges with conscious alignment, the inner body locks, and focused gazing, our senses stop pouring to the outer world. We invert the energy of our senses towards the vastness of inner space. Here we can experience a sense of wholeness, the feeling that we are complete as we are, and that there is nothing to add that will make us more perfect. Read more

Mindful Manhood: 5 Status Symbols Every Man Should Possess

            The world has shifted a great deal in a very short time. And our current politics continue to create challenges in the harmony between femininity and masculinity.  We are still stuck with the S.O.B- same old brain. Yes, the same old brain from 300 years ago at the pre-industrial revolution era,  and I would argue, the sob from as far back as 10,000 years ago.  It’s the same brain that sizes up others in relation to oneself, it’s the same ol’ brain that influences our mating behavior, and virtually every single choice we make, from what to eat to where we live. Men are in a peculiar time in history where a grounded understanding of self can be of great service globally.  Read more