Hey Guys and Gals welcome to the podcast! 

This episode is a personal share, as I “wonder out loud” about the  key things happening in my life.

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The show mirrors an exercise that I start all of my one on one sessions with. I call it “checking in.” Checking in happens when we open up, about what is happening inside of us, while someone outside of us holds “solid space.”  

At 47 years of age, new desires are coming up, and new challenges are appearing all around me. 

In a nutshell, this episode will be me sharing what's most relevant to me, right now. It’s my hope that listeners will learn something from the way I am coding my personal story, goals and community building through the lens of a spiritual practice.

On this episode I’ll wax poetic on the following 9 ideas:

1. Recently contacting lyme disease, and the process of healing that is ahead (about my health)

2.  Travelling less & teaching more,  in one place (about my maturing mind)

3. Healing Intra-generational trauma, (about my visit home) 

4.  Mentoring the next generation, authentically (about young students that study with me. 

5.  Becoming loving. To get love, to be in a loving relationship, you have to be loving. You have to transform and vibrate at the frequency of what it is you want. (about my relationship)

6. The magic of owning property (about discovering what type of place you want to root in)

7. The tragedy and beauty of podcasting in real time,              at your current level of thinking, with your present level of development.

8. The power of getting back in my own lane (about enhancing my competence)

9. The power of building a robust community (about the bonds that hold us together)

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Enjoy and share this episode!

May it bring you peace! 


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