Daily Practice

What are we training for?

In an effort to make sense of the world, we must look within to experience the inner reality, and allow knowledge of the Self to influence our perception of the outer reality. We are clearing the fog from the mirror, to see more clearly, our own reflection. We are training to consciously participate in the evolution of the human race. Each one of us is on the path of understanding conflict resolution within our immediate family life, intimate relations, local communities and government levels. The old systems in politics, economics, and agriculture have run their course and the soil is now fertile for new ways of thinking, organization, resource distribution, and cooperation which facilitate harmony and peace among inhabitants of the earth. Together, we are all on the path of rising consciousness. 

By practicing concentration, focus, inquiry and discipline, the Jai Sugrim Method curriculum based studies for Self awareness facilitates a direct experience of pure consciousness and embodiment of our true nature. We train to master our own mind.

Curriculum Based Studies for Self Awareness

The practices of yoga, strength training, meditation, applied shamanism, conscious nutrition, and building community converge to help the practitioner form a healthy body and flexible mind. Steady, consistent practice reveals the interrelatedness of all life. From this point of realization, we can sculpt our best self, to aid the co-creation of a peaceful planet. All of the resources we need are within. 

Optimizing health and immunity forms a solid foundation for the pursuit of spiritual knowledge. Self knowledge builds a compassionate mind and an intelligent heart. As we improve mental health in our local communities, ethically aligned behavior ripples out to nations and can engulf our whole planet. In this time of international cooperation, offering our clarity, openness, and kindness to the human endeavor is a wonderful application of our energy.   

The practices of Jai Sugrim Method are paired with teachings from philosophical texts such as The Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras, The Vedantic Cannon, and the works of Carlos Castenada. Through practice, we come to realize our Self, which is the highest achievement one can attain in a lifetime.

“Study thy self, discover the divine” Patanjali Yoga Sutra II.44

Weekly Class Schedule

*All class times are based on Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Yoga for Self Knowledge (60 min)

Monday-Wednesday | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Welcome to the Jai Sugrim Method Curriculum Based practice for Self Knowledge. This challenging 60 minute journey is a true vinyasa krama class with a deep focus on the rhythm of the breath. Every motion is connected with an inhale or an exhale. By attaining one pointed focus on the breath, the practitioner experiences “a special concentration”. One touches what was always there, as the Spirit. Upon finding the inner light, wisdom dawns, and one has the potential for a radical transformation of the personality and overall consciousness. 

It is through structured, consistent practice, that we attain the highest knowledge.

Psychic Development (60 min)

Thursday | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

This 60 minute practice, trains us to reach beyond the five senses. When we self regulate the respiratory and endocrine systems, we attain endogenous feats of chemistry, that can tap us into “non ordinary” states of perception, Our exercise sequences will combine asana, kriya, bandah, pranayama, mantra, meditation, visualization and yoga nidra.

Psychic Development is aimed at creating a special concentration that opens the door to subtle realms of awareness.

Monthly Subscriptions

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Yoga for Self Knowledge

$ 80

per month


12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST, 60 min

3 classes per week

  • 12 Yoga for Self Knowledge Classes

All Practices

$ 100

per month

Monday – Thursday

12:00 – 1:00 PM EST, 60 min

4 classes per week

  • 12 Yoga for Self Knowledge Classes
  • 4 Psychic Development Classes

Psychic Development

$ 50

per month


12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST, 60 min

1 classes per week

  • 4 Psychic Development Classes

Not ready for a subscription? No problem! Jai offers drop in classes for a daily rate of $15.