The Four Pillars of the Jai Sugrim Method

Body by Design

Conditioning & shaping the body in line with one’s genetics,
ancestral history, personal constitution, and athletic interests. Strength, endurance,
flexibility, agility, and balance are addressed proportionately with respect to
individual training goal. Create your body through mental focus and the applied


Evenness of mind. Not roused by happiness, not moved by sadness.
Training for a cool head in all situations. Mindfulness practices are geared towards
achieving emotional independence, where practitioners assure full responsibility for
their own mental wellbeing.


Proper breathing and individuated nutrition for sustainable, high
yield energy throughout the day.


Humans are strongly wired to help one another, and enjoy huge social
benefits from doing so. As social animals we need a tribe of like-minded folks with
shared and differing values who agree to work together and support one another.