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Welcome to the show folks!!!Episode 34 is a play by play, multi-day recording of my 72 hour water fast. I usually fast 4 times per year, as the seasons turn from one to the next. Since I am an experienced faster, I continued my daily yoga […]
Hey Guys and Gals welcome to the podcast! This episode is a personal share, as I “wonder out loud” about the  key things happening in my life.To Skip the Intro, and go right to the start of the show, go to 13:49The show mirrors an exercise that […]
Welcome to the podcast, everyone, Today’s show is a guided practice called “The 100 Push-Up Meditation  Challenge”. We do 100 push-ups in sets of 10, and meditate in between sets, on specific topics. The sequence of contemplations is meant to enlighten the mind, NOW.  By combining […]
Welcome to the podcast, everyone. On Episode 31, I describe the basics of yoga philosophy in 3 basic chunks, and along the way, I illustrate how these teachings have been applied to my life in an illuminating way. I first interpret the first four yoga sutras […]
In October of 2013, I lived for 28 days, deep inside the Amazon Jungle, to study shamanism with my Teacher.  I committed to drinking master plants of the jungle, under the Shaman’s guidance, while living in total solitude. This is the story of the most adventurous […]
On this episode of the podcast, I welcome back to the show, for the second time, teacher and guide, Evacheska deAngelis. We discuss the role of divine masculinity and divine femininity in our work as teachers and helpers to others on the path of self-realization. There […]