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The positive leadership, example and life of Dr. Martin Luther King helped me to find resourceful ways of dealing with anger and shame as an adolescent. My family moved a lot, and I was always waiting for the jokes to start coming , because we lived […]
Find your tribe, in 2021 Between political polarization, economic contraction, financial inequality, the ongoing news cycle, quarantines, and algorithms that know us better than we know ourselves, it’s easy to feel alone and overwhelmed.  We can transcend our growing isolation with reflection and positive action. The […]
The Sanskrit Mantra “Aham Brahmasi” typically translates as “I am Brahman” It is one of the four principle Mahavakyas or “Grand Pronouncements” from the wisdom texts of the Upanishads. Aham Brahmasmi is used within yoga philosophy to refer to the unity of the Atman (the individual […]
One of the great western spiritual teachers in modern times, Shri Brahmanada Saraswati, used to tell his students, while leading meditation, “Feel the bliss of your own Self”. This was a suggestion to the subconscious mind of students that all of the resources they need are […]
When we commit to the practice of yoga, it can become very time-consuming.  As our consciousness rises, we find that the practice continues off of the mat, into our overall lifestyle. It often influences the way we choose to eat, the movies we watch, and the […]
I remember as a kid, how all of the sci-fi movies were set in 2020.  Films like blade runner, placed us in a hyperreality of touch screens, self driving cars, radical biotechnology, virtual reality, augmented reality, and an evolved artificial intelligence. Well welcome to tomorrow, we […]