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Today's show offers a guided meditation practice that focuses on Gratitude.

The Meditation practice begins at 23:47
Go right to that spot if you want to follow along with the practice.

On the intro I “check in” with my state of mind, on the day before thanksgiving 2022. I share six things that I'm most grateful for.

1.  I’m grateful for my health. In 2022 I battled lyme disease, and fixed my immune system to battle all pathogens

2.     I’m grateful for my partner, and the power of working together vs. working solo

3.  I’m grateful for the vision of problems being opportunities, an old NLP point of view

4. I’m grateful for the amount of people that are moderates and willing to work on cohering as one people sharing one planet. 

5.  I’m grateful to be alive at a very exciting phase shift in humanity’s journey. I will see a lot of change in one lifetime

6.  I’m grateful that consciousness has already shifted and that spiritual practices like meditation, self care, and mental wellness are going mainstream. 

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