Welcome to the podcast Guys and Gals! This episode is all about how to get in shape during a pandemic . This is an incredible time to make a changes, because everything is being shaken up and transforming all around us anyway. Pressure makes diamonds. There is incredible social pressure to conform, but the universe wants you to go your own way.  Just remember, a person of any age, and any fitness level can get healthier

These are the useful tips for getting healthier, on this episode of the podcast. 

1. Use your left hand or non dominant hand 

I learned about this in the jungle, from the universe, then later I realized that it was a shamanic technique. The left hand helps with neuroplasticity and making changes as we adjust our habits. 

2.  Find an experienced teacher who’s mental framework you admire 

This will put you in a methodical track and build a solid foundation that you will branch out from later on. Maintain a sense of boundaries with your teacher, it’s a two way street/

3. Practice Periodization (Intelligent Program Design)

I describe my current routine of a 46 year old man’s training program. You should commit to 5 Days on, Two Off, when exercising.  The goal is to focus on training 5 days per week, and resting two for days. I recommend training Monday – Friday for at least 30 – 60 minutes. 

4. Breathe through your nose, and breathe less. Read Jame’s Nestor’s book, “Breathe”.

I describe the major life improving benefits of Ujjaiyi Breathing. I also talk about the benefits of taking fewer breaths per minute. 

5. Start a meditation or mindfulness practice

6. Monitor the low grade continuous stress response

7. Get good rest! 

You can learn about training with me in yoga classes, how to receive health coaching, and resources for self training, on my website: www.jaisugrim.com

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Enjoy the episode,

Thanks Everyone!!! 


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