Open Mind Meditation Challenge

Find Mental Balance and Clarity

October 8th-11th

The Empty Mind Meditation Challenge

Find Mental Balance and Clarity

October 8th-11th

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You will practice 10 guided meditations over 72 hours. Each meditation is approximately 15 – 30 minutes long.

This accelerated practice takes advantage of rhythm and repetition to establish the mind in a positive groove. The challenge begins on the evening of day one when you practice your first guided meditation. Then you will practice three meditations daily (morning, mid-day and evening, over the next three days. This challenge will also fast track the development of a new positive habit that helps us to slow down our minds. Consistent meditation practice will teach you how to draw power from stillness.

We are sitting with ourselves, so that we can become comfortable in our own skin.”

We will practice 10 Meditation in 72 hours


The challenge starts on Thursday, October 8th at 6 pm or 7 pm and concludes on Sunday, October 11th after your evening practice, at the same time. This is a self practice, where you stream guided meditations. The schedule is a recommendation, however, there is flexibility in the time you wish to execute each practice. The key to this challenge is to finish your 10 meditations in 72 hours. The meditations will be available for streaming through October 12th.

The challenge hashtag is #emptymindchallenge Please follow @jaisugrim on instagram for daily inspirational talks on his feed and IG Story. Use the hashtag in your own posts and stories, as a way to connect with the larger, international community. By seeing others on the same exact journey, we can draw extra energy and motivation to finish strong.

By signing up for this digitally guided practice, you are automatically registered for the Empty Mind Meditation Challenge. You will receive an ebook in your email, which we begin using as a community on the evening of October 8th, when our first practice begins. Your ebook will have journal questions that pair with each of the 10 practices, and hyperlinks to 10 guided meditation videos for you to follow along with as you sit.

The meditation videos are available for streaming only during the meditation. They will be available to download as a bundle for $60. 



Meditation 1: Introduction to meditation.

Breathwork, How to meditate & learning how to sit still.


Meditation 2: Meditation for Health and Immunity


Meditation 3: Meditation for Inner Strength and Resilience


Meditation 4: Guru Brahma Meditation to attain clarity around your origin


Meditation 5: Meditation on the principle of learning and taking a humble attitude


Meditation 6: Expressing Gratitude


Meditation 7: Om Namah Shivaya, Self Knowledge, Meditation on the innermost Self.


Meditation 8: Meditation for Cooperation and World Peace


Meditation 9: Meditation for attracting meaningful work/vocation


Meditation 10: Para Brahma Meditation- Practice for Finding Your Inner Teacher and Intuition

How does meditation work?

Meditation aims to achieve a state of self-knowledge, which can come when the endless fluctuations of the mind are stilled. These fluctuations arise from our attention constantly being drawn to stimuli and sensations in the world around us. True knowledge of ourselves can only occur when the endless fluctuations of our sensory attention – be it pain, soreness, images on a digital screen, or fatigue, are stilled. When we learn to truly care for our minds, the brain conserves fuel, and we feel a positive charge. Our attention stops being pulled every which way and can be honed and directed. With consistent practice, progress comes. We cease endlessly putting out fires and grabbing at every thought that comes our way, and direct our attention inward – to the strength and knowledge we want. When we direct our power of attention towards what it is we truly desire, we are able to manifest at will. Our “thoughts”, quickly become “things”.

We can become the observer of thought, instead of simply reacting to thoughts, and our knowledge of our divine inner and outer selves becomes attainable. Jai Sugrim Method believes that meditation is the best tool for achieving enlightenment.

A key benefit of meditation:

We live in an age of discovery, but also in an age of information overload. Developing and maintaining a practice to understand our mind allows us to discern which information we want to seek, discuss, and trust. Attaining good concentration is the key to navigating our very polluted information ecology.

About Jai

Jai Sugrim has been a health and wellness educator for 25 years. He is steeped in the Jivamukti and Ashtanga yoga lineages and has a 15-year history of studying shamanism with master curanderos of the Peruvian Amazon. Jai has worked professionally with the New York Yankees, with whom he won a World Series Championship Ring in 2000.

Jai is also the creator and host of Yoga Sutra Now a 65 episode tv show that aired in 96 million American homes and 20 different countries. He has also been featured in the New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Psychology Today. Jai loves to share yoga, health, and mindfulness practices that help students create peace of mind.