$30 for 12 Days of guidance into a sustainable self-care routine with 6 world renowned retreat leaders.

With 2020 in the rear view mirror and with each day becoming brighter, it’s a fantastic time to shine the light on our physical and mental well being. Join our dynamic team of internationally renowned teachers on this 12 day virtual retreat.

During this retreat, you will receive 12 days of programmed content, LIVE classes and guidance in four healing modalities: Fasting and Conscious Nutrition, Gratitude, Yoga, and Strength Training.

The Retreat begins on January 7th, and wraps up on the 18th. In the heart of winter, gift yourself a rejuvenated body and mind. Each modality builds on itself, and is meant to be carried onto the next phase to establish a routine of daily self-care.

Meet Your Retreat Leaders

Jai Sugrim

Join Master Trainer and Senior Yoga Teacher Jai Sugrim with his dynamic team, in revitalizing your body and mind to welcome the warmth, creative energy, and flow of the New Year. Jai Sugrim has been a health and wellness educator for 25 years. He is steeped in the Jivamukti and Ashtanga yoga lineages, and has a 15 year history of studying shamanism with master curanderos of the Peruvian Amazon. Jai has worked professionally with everyone from the New York Yankees, with whom he won a World Series Championship Ring in 2000, to Martin Scorsese to scores of clients pursuing optimal performance. Jai is the creator and host of Yoga Sutra Now a 65 episode tv show that aired in 96 million American homes and 20 different countries. He has also been featured in the New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Psychology Today. Jai loves to share yoga, health and mindfulness practices that help his students create peace of mind.

Jasmine Estevez

Jasmine is an Ashtanga Yoga based practitioner with a passion for sharing vinyasa, and all breath based practices. Her style is playful, yet structured, and she keeps keen awareness of timing and rhythm when counting the breath.

Aligning the skeleton, personal intention and breath into one, allows magic to happen in between the ears.

As a community activist, Jasmine partners with local businesses, and non profit organizations to raise awareness for women’s health.

Brittney Rybacki

Brittney is a health and wellness expert who facilitates healing through movement and mindfulness. She received her yoga instructor training in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga. She also teaches gymnastics and Animal Flow. Brittney has been coaching and teaching movement modalities all around the globe for over 10 years.

Jeffrey Wolfe

Jeffrey is the host of hit podcast “Strength Culture” and creator of fan favorite training programs “Hip Ability” and “Actually Strong.” Jeffreys unique approach to functional flexibility and strength training is like nothing you’ve seen before. 

Fallon Lev

Fallon is a yoga teacher, a mentor, retreat leader, dog mom and a professional human BEing. Her mission is to inspire everyone she meets to live their ONE unique life on purpose. 

She is humbled by the opportunity to get to share with the world something she truly believes in. Yoga works, it heals, it listens and it always remembers. Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for one day or twenty years, yoga is always here for you. 

All of Fallon’s classes are led with love. From her heart to yours.

Tatiana Koval

Tatiana is a NASM certified personal trainer with a degree in Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy. She also teaches barre, yoga, pilates, bootcamp, suspension, kettlebell, spin and battle rope group exercise classes. Exercise and nutrition have been lifelong passions.

What You Get

12 days of engaging information and structured programming to support you in creating a healthy, sustainable self care routine for the New Year and beyond. You will be tapping into a global community of like minded individuals all on the path of wellness. For only $2.50 a day, you gain access to training programs from seven world class trainers across four modalities. You will receive an ebook that leads you through the entire retreat itinerary. In the ebook you will find content around conscious nutrition, you will be introduced to gratitude practices, choose from an array of original vinyasa yoga classes and experience a variety of calisthenic strength-training workouts. You will also be invited to join LIVE classes from our retreat leaders and an exclusive online community for retreat participants to share their success, inspire one another, receive support and grow together.

Self Investment: $30/$2.50 per day


Days 1-3:

Experience the recuperative benefits of fasting, a fasting mimicking diet or clean eating. Learn about how food affects your body, mind, and mood. Establish a practice of personalized conscious nutrition.

– Level 1: Water fast (Water only) (72 hours)

– Level 2: Ketogenic Beverages – High fat tea, or coffee (72 Hours)

– Level 3: Clean Eating (72 Hours, no sugar or processed foods)


Days 4-6:

Over three days, you will be introduced to multiple forms of gratitude practice, allowing you to experiment and find the optimal path for you. For the rest of the retreat you will learn to integrate the gratitude practices that work best in your life.


Days 7-9:

Feel the mind body benefits of building – or coming back to – a personal yoga practice. Choose from original classes offered for the retreat and attend one of our live yoga classes. Our retreat leaders will be offering classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners.

Strength Training

Days 10-12:

Test your limits, strength and self discipline to see what you’re capable of. Our trainers will bring you to the edge of what you thought was possible with accessible workouts that build physical and mental strength.

All the best people agree that self care is the greatest health care. After a stormy 2020 we all need a mind body reboot and our team is honored to serve you now.

Connect with Jai Sugrim on social media for live videos, tutorials, lifestyle tips and information related to the challenge.

Also, visit Jai Sugrim’s website to check out the latest content on his blog and to keep up with his classes, workshops and other offerings.