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Meet Evacheska de’Angelis — Healing Intuitive, Mindfulness Practitioner, & Spiritual Guide

We dove right in on this episode and started talking about the sacred plant and brew ayahuasca. The spirit of the plant opens gateways in our consciousness when drunk ceremonially, under the guidance of a trained shaman. One can learn astonishing new ways of perceiving reality and one’s relationship to reality.

The Conversation Starts at 7:35

A little bit about Evacheska…

Based out of New York, Evacheska has dedicated her energy and life’s work to creating and holding space for the facilitation of healing and expansion. She leverages her multisensory perception abilities to create distinctive experiences focused on supporting each participant’s internal work.

She is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation facilitator, Integrative Coach, Trauma and Somatics Practitioner, and Psych-K® facilitator. From a very young age, she has been aware of energetic fields, and her deep intuition and sensitivity have been passed down from mother to daughter as the first born of the first born for many generations. While she greatly learned how to hold space from intimately observing her parents’ work in similar fields, she is currently expanding her knowledge base via the pursuit of a degree in psychology at CUNY, as well as continuing her ongoing studies of the power of plant medicines, of which she has worked with many.

Incorporated into the work of Sotto Luce is the belief in the intersection of spirituality and science: that which we can see and that which we can not. Evacheska and the Sotto Luce team currently lead seminars on Quantum Time Manifestation, Harnessing Personal Power, and Mindfulness Meditation and Medicine Music circles. Within the Sotto Luce offerings, you can also find Women’s Circles and Men’s Circles focused on Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine embodiment, respectively.

Evacheska also offers one-on-one guidance through Zoom and in-person guidance for deeper Psyche-Spiritual ceremonial work. No matter how she is engaging in her work, her fundamental belief is that each individual has the power to heal themselves. Therefore, the purpose of Sotto Luce is simply to act as a conduit, supporting and guiding the innate transformational energies within us all.

Evacheska’s Website:  https://www.templesottoluce.com/temple-home

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