Anand J. Sukhadia is a young, passionate entrepreneur who is a direct lineage holder in the Vedic Tradition.  Anand has deep insight into the true application of the yogic teachings. 

In this conversation, Anand and I dive deeply into the questioning nature of one who pursues spirituality.  We explore the eternal dharma and how the ancient wisdom of our ancestors can be applied to sense making in modern living.   Our world is filled with information overload on our senses, and in weeding through untruth to find truth, we honor freedom of speech and reserve the right to ask important questions of the “cultural narrative”.  To accept a thought or idea blindly is to walk the path of ignorance.  To develop actual experience, based on logic, reasoning and concentration is the path of the sadhaka, one who seeks liberation by means of practice and inquiry.

I really enjoyed this deep deep conversation and vibed Anand’s inner confidence and enthusiasm for spirituality.  

Anand is the founder of Om Life Wellness in Jersey City, N.J.  Om Life is a wellness, and recovery spa, that helps clients to optimize their immunity and health. Om Life has float tanks, cryotherapy, massage therapy and a host of other healing modalities that offer healing and wellness to it’s clients. 

Anand is also the host of the Limitless One Podcast, where he interviews extremely knowledgeable guest on many key areas related to personal development.  You will be inspired to ask some deep questions of yourself by listening to Limitless One.

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Enjoy this amazing episode! 


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