On this episode of the podcast I speak with Chiyoko Osborne, about the “Akashic Records”, a field of information that includes all possibilities. When we attain concentration and become a “channel” we can literally download information about our past, and potential futures. This information can help contextualize trauma and provide insight on the path we are currently walking. The information can be used for healing, by letting go of our attachments, and by helping us to make positive changes in our lifestyle and current tendencies. 

Chiyoko and I really open up about the challenges of the spiritual path, and about the importance of “process” as we grow and transform towards a state of empowered living.

Chiyoko helps leaders across multiple fields access Peak Performance through Flow States: that sweet-spot of brain-body optimization where you are working smarter, not harder, across the board.  She creates your personalized, 6-step Peak Performance Formula program that optimizes your systems and daily routines to increase productivity in all areas of life. Program tools are all scientifically-proven and combine the best of modern neuroscience and biohacking with ancient wisdom systems, like mindfulness and meditation. 

I really enjoyed our discussion about the subtle layers of spiritual practice. 

Enjoy the Episode Everyone! 

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