On this episode of the podcast, I welcome back to the show, for the second time, teacher and guide, Evacheska deAngelis.

We discuss the role of divine masculinity and divine femininity in our work as teachers and helpers to others on the path of self-realization. There are many personal shares from each of our life journey, to help illustrate some of the more abstract concepts that arise from our conversation.

The conversation kicks off at 7:53

Evacheska and I share our thoughts on how to balance these two energies within our bodies and psyches. When there is harmony between the inner male and female, profound insight and integration may come.

Evacheska also offers one-on-one guidance through Zoom and in-person guidance for deeper Psyche-Spiritual ceremonial work. No matter how she is engaging in her work, her fundamental belief is that each individual has the power to heal themselves. Therefore, the purpose of Sotto Luce is simply to act as a conduit, supporting and guiding the innate transformational energies within us all.

Evacheska’s Website:  https://www.templesottoluce.com/temple-home

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May it bring you peace! 


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