From 2014 to 2016 I taught yoga to high school students at Frederick Douglas Academy in Harlem, New York. I had the ride of my life in those two years, because a New York City high school is the perfect place to see if yoga is worth it’s salt. I had worked with kids before, but mainly my profession had become, coaching the ultra rich and famous for a living. Before taking the job, I thought to myself: If high school age teenagers, in the prime of their formative years, developed a personal practice, and then faced life’s challenges with openness and possibility using yogic techniques, then we had gold in our hands. 

 ON this episode of the podcast I speak Rajay Channer, a young man who is currently a junior at Ithaca College studying Strength and Conditioning. WE first met when Rajay was a sophomore in high school, where He studied yoga with me for two years.  I also guided Rajay in the weight room to help him adapt his body to football, during his sophomore and junior years of high school. We talk about strength, resilience and how the practice of yoga and our connection influenced his life path, well into young adulthood. This is a beautiful story of “making a loop”. It’s like time travel. By re-connecting with Rajay for this conversation, I got to see what has transpired years down the line, from day one of a specific goal I set out for myself.  

 You can jump right to the conversation in the timeline at minute 8:13

 WE are living through extraordinary times, that call for mental flexibility and an openness to new ways of doing things. I hope inspiring stories like today’s tale give you a lift, and perhaps provide a tip or two in your own path of personal development.  WE are all connected and are here to help one another. You can learn more about my work, offerings, and learn how to train with me daily on Zoom by visiting my website

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